OMANEE is a multinational corporation based in Singapore and Dubai, specializing in Finance and Investment. In particular, the OMA+ platform (OMA PLUS) plays a key role in all OMANEE financial activities. This platform opens up many investments and cooperation opportunities between OMANEE and its partners; especially companies and startups. The two main companies of OMANEE are OMA CAPITAL and OMA INVESTMENT.

Besides, OMANEE also works with NEENOTE platform. This is known as the foundation that spawned many typical communication and technology projects such as Big Data, Internet of Thing, Blockchain, AI (artificial intelligence), AR, VR … of which the world has been applying the results in the field of Finance and Investment. OMANEE’s two technology and communication companies are NEETEK and NEEDIA.


“The future belongs to Asia.  An Asia without borders”


To be a trustworthy partner for customers and a reputable leading firm in Asia for Finance Technology and Management


To provide investors with solutions to achieve their long-term financial goals.
OMANEE expects to expand and upgrade its foundation in the Asia-Pacific market, to offer valuable opportunities and knowledge foundation to investors.
To bring values of finance, technology and blockchain applications to the community, the service segment, and enterprises.
To increase the value of an investment through Omanee’s investing strategy built on its core values and business principles
Omanee offers its employees a challenging working environment that enables experience and skill enhancement so that they can build a career themselves.
Omanee makes wise, strategic decisions to benefit its clients through investment in the smartest and most efficient way.
Wise strategies not only create prominent values for clients and communities but also encourage the automatic growth of investment’s value. This goes beyond an ordinary financial plan.


Technology is a platform that creates new values for customers.
Developing communities of digital citizens and Smart Cities”
We do the right thing
We act with integrity and put our clients first and equal. For us, the clients’ satisfaction is prioritized at all times.
We think for the long term
We engage in thoughtful decision making and believe that investment excellence should drive our decisions.
We work together to achieve common goals
We show respect and humility towards each other and our clients. We believe in creating a supportive work environment that fosters teamwork, collegiality, and effective communication.
We strive for excellence
We make the extra effort, practice continuous improvement, and stay flexible to adapt to changing circumstances.
We are committed to employees
We see our employees as the treasure of our company. Besides salary and bonuses, we also focus on fostering an environment where we understand and share the concerns, recognize people’s effort and work together to provide strategies for our employees’ study, growth, and sustainability.