The dream of conquering Asia

An Asia without borders is a place in which there are no barriers of borderlines, languages or cultural differences, trading or doing business between countries. The most important barrier to eliminate is one of currencies.

With the largest landmass in the world and a population of 4.5 billion which accounts for two-thirds of the global population, Asia is known for its bountiful, diverse and ancient cultures.

While the 19th century was considered the era of the United Kingdom and European powers and the 20th century marked the rise of the United States, the 21st century’s considered a shift of global influence and power from the West to the East. This has been an ongoing trend.

The Internet and the potential of Asia

The Internet is one of the greatest inventions of the human race. It’s affected every aspect of human society and encouraged globalization that led to what is called ‘Industrial Revolution 3.0 and 4.0’. The creation of blockchain has even further revolutionized the advancement in technology, especially for everyday-life applications.
Blockchain is leading a world-changing revolution as the Internet did.
The Internet of Thing (IoT) links everything we do in our lives using the Internet. It combines distributed backup solutions – decentralized (Blockchain) with all digital devices to record any movement, activities or changes in people’s surroundings.
The world is forming new cities – smart cities, ones to equip us for our future living.
Asian nations are at the forefront of this movement. They need to address the very real threats of climate change, global warming, depleting natural resources (such as clean water, food, flora & fauna and fossil fuels which people depend on) to their continued existence.

The solution: smart/eco-friendly city projects.

The rise of Asia over the last 50 – 70 years is the foundation and motivation for the ‘Asia without border strategy’ driven by OMANEE.  This strategy is to bring Asian countries the very best in knowledge and experience.

The dream is not a far-fetched one given OMANEE’s ability to take advantage of the digital technology revolution to create applications connecting digital communities and smart users.

OMANEE takes on challenges to grow. Globalizing is the only route for OMANEE’s development, striving to become a global conglomerate. That’s the reason why we’ll create OmaCities in Singapore, Hongkong, Dubai, Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, Mumbai or any other urban areas in the Asia – Pacific region.

OmaCity is a wise choice for your ideal living environment where you can connect and interact as a true 4.0 citizen of Asia, regardless of which country or city you reside in.

The Internet of Things and Smart City are the cores of OmaCity; where the operation’s run with a sharing formation – Omarea (Sharing Property). In the near future, when you’re a part of OmaCity, from whichever country you are, you will be able to connect to this global network and make what now seems impossible, possible.

Working towards an Asian-covered corporation

Asia is a dynamic and appealing area for both Asian and non-Asian investors. The potential for tremendous growth attracts many enterprises to invest in this region. This raises the demand for money exchanges and banking services. So, OMANEE is building foundations to meet with this demand. The company’s well-equipped for business dealings to merge or trade with firms of technology, markets, and services in its quest to globalizing Asia in 2020.
In its strategy, OMANEE will expand its technology projects, to create breakthroughs in changing people’s method of payment and trading so that such exchanges can be cashless ones; these new movements will, in turn, boost Omanee’s competitiveness, assisting in its globalization and conquering of the Asian market, and ultimately the global one.