Dr.NEE has identified nearly 90% of accounts to protect user's information.

Dr.NEE has identified nearly 90% of accounts to protect user's information.

Social networking application Dr.NEE has now attracted thousands of users after more than one month of launch.

Social networking application Dr.NEE has now attracted thousands of users after more than one month of launch. At the same time, to protect user information, this chat application has identified more than 90% of accounts with many user’s protection features till now.

Aiming to “Respect for users” associated with the core values ​​in the application development process, Dr.NEE has clearly shown its purpose in more than one month of reaching to users.

Firstly, we need mention the account identification feature, which makes users feel secure and protected with their rights on social networks. In order to be identified, individual users need to provide an identification (ID or passport) photo and related personal information with high confidentiality.

According to Mr. Nis Bui – Dr.NEE ‘s CEO: “All this information is encrypted, Dr.NEE always puts the absolute security of user information first. Up to now, there are more than 90% of accounts are identified on Dr.NEE app.

In the time of reaching the milestone of one thousand users, more than half of Dr.NEE ‘s users are young, interested in cryptocurrencies, investing and the rest is students. This is also the target audience of Dr.NEE at the current stage, Mr. Nis Bui said.

“Young people usually love to take risks, like to explore, learn and especially always want to make money through profitable investments. Therefore, they are very careful and details in everything. If Dr.NEE can conquer this large number of young people, then surely Dr.NEE will easily approach the next target group, ”Mr. Nis shared.

Mr.Nis Bui also affirmed that Dr.NEE team is constantly striving to develop many new attractive features, optimizing and personalizing the experience, aiming to reach 100 million users by the end of 2021.

In addition to the basic features of a social network such as sharing, posting, making friends, Dr.NEE also makes a difference and attracts more users than other social networking applications through features of gift giving, campaign, create wallet 4.0, book tickets and find experts in many different fields. Dr.NEE helps users to be more comfortable and happier with “nearby me” feature and exchanging gifts for high-value coins. One of the outstanding factors of Dr.NEE application is the ability to identify user accounts with a strict implementation process that helps Dr.NEE users more and more secure with the officially account identification feature and easily exchange information and gifts without fear of scam and fake tricks like some social networks today.

Dr.NEE – Application has the ability to give a notification when you are talking to a scam

In the Gitex Techology Week that took place in December 2020 in Dubai, Dr.NEE demonstrated to the world that a tiny smartphone with Dr .NEE – an identified chat app, you can realize if the person you are talking to is real or fake account.

The application helps you distinguish real and fake accounts thank to the extremely secure KYC feature. This feature is an extremely important factor to make a chat application suitable for today’s social network environment when scam and fraud become extremely sophisticated.

The Dr.NEE application also expands the target audience to a group of children who are not able to recognize and distinguish the negative factors hidden by social networks. Parents will not have to worry about their children’s online programs and activities when the Dr.NEE application helps you to know which accounts are real, which accounts are still anonymous, verified identity. The application also focuses on building child protection factors – one of the current concerns of parents and the world. Using the application, you will no longer worry when many anonymous user messages steal information, personal data, threaten your child’s spirit.

Dr.NEE is committed to doing its best, listening and considering users are key factors to develop and improve products, Dr.NEE team step by step reach small goals, ensuring 100% accounts are identified to create the trust for all of its users.

Let’s use Dr.NEE application to avoid the risks and negative factors of social network today. Let Dr.NEE protect you and your loved ones.

Source from : Gisec 2021 & Dr.NEE – Half The World.

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