“Introduction to Dr. Nee" Event - The ID Verified Chatting Application For Future 4.0.

“Introduction to Dr. Nee" Event - The ID Verified Chatting Application For Future 4.0.

The most prominent technology event in December and also the last in 2020 is probably “The launch event of social networking application named Dr. NEE” on 12/12, at PullMan Resort PhuQuoc, VietNam.

“Introduction to Dr. Nee ”, co-organized by global financial and technology corporation #Omanee with the participation of special guests and hundreds of attendees, created an unforgettable tech night.

With the detailed sharing of technology that makes the utility simple but powerful, Dr. NEE with identity capabilities helps users be completely secure and safe in today’s social networking system 4.0.

In addition, Dr.NEE also simplifies services and users can easily use them anytime, anywhere to meet their individual needs. Besides, there are facilities for businesses, business households, business groups such as LiveStream, Trade & exchange, meeting rooms up to 1000 people …

Event introduces the launch of Dr. Nee has brought useful information for the application of new technology to revolutionize social life today. The solutions built from the actual needs of users, the same platform and ecosystem for future development were responded and actively discussed by the guests.

Let’s take a look back at the panoramic scene and the most memorable moments of the event once again!

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