PAYAWE Strategy and Development Roadmap

PAYAWE Strategy and Development Roadmap

The strategy of PAYAWE Group is divided into short and long-term development phases, in order to promote market development. Let’s research it! It is a mountain of money if you know how to exploit it.

PAYAWE Membership Development and Networking Stage 2020 – 2021

1.       Create 1 million members cross-selling (E-Agent)

2.       Create 1 million e-stores on PAYAWE

3.       Create 100 million Voucher + diverse Business fields

4.       Engage 200 million customers to purchase and use services from PAYAWE

5.       Creating 100,000 new jobs in the world and many online career opportunities

To realize the proposed plan, PAYAWE has launched the era products, along with the association with major organizations around the world, to borrow their power to increase the group’s resources.

The world’s first identifier social network – IDshare

After a few years, PAYAWE launched to the world, the community and investors have spread throughout Asia. An estimated 500 million people are traveling with PAYAWE worldwide.

Technology plays a very important role in the remarkable development of PAYAWE, if in the past thanks to Blockchain technology, all operations of PAYAWE were very smooth and convenient, in the near future, social networks. The world’s first IDshare identifier based on Know Your Customer (KYC) technology promises to explode and become one of the hottest social networks.

Multi-function chat application Dr.NEE

Over the past time, there are many chat applications in the world, typically Whatsapp. Witnessing its vast growth, the introduction of the Dr.NEE application will be the trigger for the war on the world’s leading chat application.

Not only an ordinary chat application, Dr.NEE is also integrated with other utilities that provide many services to users such as beauty advice, financial experts, member ratings, and gift giving. … your life is connected to everything, not just messages back and forth.

OMANEE – NEENOTE – NEEBank financial technology ecosystem

PAYAWE’s potential value is also reflected in its connection with the OMANEE – NEENOTE – NEEBank financial technology ecosystem, which are financial and technology organizations providing services such as finance – banking, technology solutions and also owns a large number of communities around the world.


  1. Available in all countries
  2. 200 million members
  3. Millions of people are involved in cross-selling
  4. Generates sales of $ 1 billion / year

Roadmap in 5 Years


– Official Release PAYAWE – Dubai

– Beta Version PAYAWE App & Web

– Integrated & Connect Agent on Dr.NEE


Representative offices in 20 countries


PAYAWE official version – Global Launching


World’s No. 1 prepaid & cross-selling e-commerce platform


Connecting more potential manufacturers who supply products directly to consumers


IPO PAYAWE listed on the Stock Exchange

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