OMAREA (Share Property 4.0)

This is a new model using blockchain in connecting, sharing products like: leasing, purchasing or ownership, etc.. to enable owners to exploit the future value of the property.

OMAREA takes advantage of Blockchain to alter the market by digitizing transactions, cutting time and cost for users, and raising the transparency, safety for transactions.

To increase the liquidity and encourage the traditional real estate market to develop and overcome barriers of delayed transactions, legal formalities, and the like.

There’s no requirement for high or low level of initial capital.

There’s no currency or regional limits.

It creates a chance for traditional real estate market to raise fund from all around the world.

It becomes easy for people to approach and perform transactions with each other without an intermediary.

It helps encode real estate properties into tokens which are easier for trading and investing.

OMAREA exploits the future value of real estate properties to their fullest.