The first big finance – technology program of the year, “The Era of Digital Citizenship” 2021 is here.

After a year of ups and downs in the world of finance and technology, it’s finally over. Now is the time for fans to turn their gazes on preparing for major strides in the industry, for a year that has been identified as a “boom” in the global finance – technology field.

Using online applications and services for interaction and transactions, payments… It is a new trend of customers and many companies at the time of the Covid-19 epidemic. It helps to expand the scope of search, save time and transportation costs, minimize unnecessary operations, and enhance the business efficiency and companies image, eliminate gaps and limit risks and disadvantages of the traditional methods before.

Omanee’s ambition is to phase out these traditional methods that contain many limitations, and move to applying digital technology into life, creating a borderless Asia for its citizens.

Therefore, “The Era Of Digital Citizenship” will be an important opportunity for Omanee to publicize its ideas to the public. In addition, we will also share with the public many important “bullet points” about the “vision for the future of Digital Society” at this event. In other words, the event will mainly revolve around finance and new digital technology into life 4.0.

The event will start on 03.03.2021 in Da Nang city, Vietnam and  bringing heaps of new announcements and product launches.

We will introduce about new digital technology applications and solutions for life 4.0, With many hottest topics ranging from e-commerce platforms, “ID verified users” (KYC) on social networks, to Digital Banking, IDBank system and the new IDShare ecosystem – Creating a new era of digital citizenship in Asia without borders.

Please find details below:
Time: from Wednesday 03.03.2021 to Sunday 07.03.2021
Venue: Da Nang City, Viet Nam
Contents :
1) Introducing Payawe Ecommerce Platform and ID Share Ecosystem – New Ecommerce Platform System for Digital Citizenship
2) Introducing NeeBank and launching ID Bank System – New Digital Bank for Digital Citizenship
3) Official Launching Dr.NEE – The ID Verified Chatting Application For Future 4.0 of Digital Citizenship

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