What is PAYAWE?

PAYAWE is a corporation that currently owns more than 1 million members in Asia (PAYASIAN Member). These members are always ready to buy and sell any product or service, cross-selling in the community with the available money.

It is aiming to create at least 200 million members / user in the next 2 years (2020-2022), PAYAWE is developing a potential project and cherished with preparation over the past 3 years – IDShare – user identification society network, using PAYA 2.1 billion fund awarded to 210 million members using IDShare.net (http://idshare.net/) globally.

Currently, PAYAWE CORP officially develops PAYAWE e-commerce exchange – an online business model – a potential market where all technology corporations are jumping in and burning money every year.

Successful names like Alibaba, Amazon, Lazada, Ebay … are no stranger and they are looking for ways to exploit more deeply products and services, to exploit more widely to regions of the world.

Opportunities or challenges for PAYAWE?

A Asia without borders PAYASIAN – A PAYA peer-to-peer payment platform – An unlimited digital bank, no fees for all NEEBANK services and many platforms, financial ecosystems in the cooperative alliance: PAYASIAN – ECOWORLD – OMANEE – NEETEK – NEEDIA – NEEBANK is a strength that PAYAWE is completely confident about, along with its advantages in investment and finance, to be able to enter the ASIAN market in the next 3-5 years.

With the platform applying Blockchain technology to exploit, manage – operate – exchange – buy, sell – pay – complete financial credit services (NEECredit), PAYAWE will directly manage the origin, the source of goods from the manufacturer, the status on the distribution system to directly the hands of buyers, customers or users of products or services.

Simultaneously manage all customer reviews, after-sales service …. PAYAWE will have a huge competitive advantage in the internet (Internet connecting everythings). PAYAWE and importantly bring new experiences to users, network partners, distributors, sellers or direct suppliers, product manufacturers.

PAYAWE eliminates all of the distribution intermediaries. This will be an opportunity for Global Entrepreneurs to join startups, businesses, and develop their own businesses with venture capital fund PAYAFUND.

PAYAWE’s development orientation

PAYAWE is expanding and developing the first e-commerce platform in the world to implement the global cross-selling model “million sellers – billion buyers” in the near future. Not stopping at one goal, PAYAWE also plans to build an extremely attractive prepaid sales service, providing a solution to increase revenue for hundreds of millions of small businesses around the world … reaching billions of potential customers. In addition, a large-scale joint purchase campaign, giving consumers the opportunity to order directly from manufacturers – supplying products are also one of the goals in PAYAWE’s development roadmap.

In particular, PAYAWE also provides prepaid consumer credit to millions of Paya members worldwide, making it easy for merchants to sell products and services on the PAYAWE platform to increase sales without spending. marketing and advertising fees.

PAYAWE expects to create new jobs for hundreds of thousands of people around the world to participate in business – selling – providing direct services on internet platforms, opening up a great step in the future.

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